Areas of advocacy

Specialty law office representing domestic and foreign legal entities and individuals before the courts and administrative bodies in civil cases, commercial disputes, the defense in criminal cases and representing domestic and foreign investors and their representative in Montenegro, and beyond.

Criminal proceedings:

  •     Representation and defense in pre-trial and criminal proceedings

Civil procedure:

  •     arbitration,
  •     mediation,
  •     all types of civil rights lawsuits,
  •     legal assistance,

Enforcement procedure:

  •     Representation in proceedings enforcement of domestic and foreign judgments.

Governing Law:

  •     Any administrative procedure
  •     Aministrative dispute.

Contract law:

  •     Advice in all matters relating to contract law;
  •     Drafting all types of contracts in real estate, construction, lease, pledge and mortgage of goods and services.
  •     Contracts for construction, joint construction and construction work.

Marital and Family Law:

  •     Representation in divorce proceedings,
  •     custody.

Inheritance and probate process:

  •     Making a will
  •     probate proceedings start and representation agreements lifelong care and distribution of assets for life.

Contentious procedure:

  •     dividing property:
  •     Providing evidence;
  •     declaring the missing dead;
  •     removal of legal capacity;
  •     division of marital property.


  •     all kinds of indemnities

Intellectual property:

  •     protection of copyright and related rights.